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Firefly Buys has had a Facelift

We said goodbye to our long-serving logo (so long, Blinky the Firefly) and launched our new branding, alongside our new and shiny website.

Months of planning culminated in a brand reveal party with our employees (our Firefly Family). There was Firefly Trivia, an epic table tennis tournament and of course, cake.

The rebrand aligns our established and elevated service offering as an online marketplace seller with our forward-facing image.

“We take great pride in representing our partners and ensuring that their brand and products look their best online,” commented Ryan Flanegan, CEO & President of Firefly Buys. “But, we’ve been so busy concentrating on our partners, that we didn’t have time to focus our own brand representation. We’re thrilled to have made this investment in our company and to show the industry that we are the smart choice to help businesses navigate and thrive in the world of Amazon and beyond”.

Senior Graphic Designer, Carolyn Cavanaugh who headed Firefly Buys’ rebrand commented "There's more to a brand than a logo. Our story has always been here, we just needed to give it a voice. Today we are announcing that we have found that voice and we're proud to share it!"

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